Proud to Showcase our Completed Projects



Jones Avenue, Cebu City

Construction of infinitea café: Civil, Plumbing, Interior design, Architectural, Electrical, Mechanical, Carpentry, Woodworking, Furniture, Supply and Installation of Glass, Masonry and Painting Works.

APO Cemex Philippines Project

Apo Cement Corporation

BSO-Accounting Department Building, Tinaan, Naga City, Cebu

Interior Design, Architectural, Carpentry, Masonry, Civil, PVC Ceiling Installation, Trusses Fabrication and Installation, Roofing Installation, Electrical, Mechanical, Painting, Plumbing, Upholstery, Structural Works, Glass and Tiling Works.

Bayanihan Flats and Condominium

Bayanihan Flats and Codominium

Pajac, Lapu2x City

Civil, Masonry, Electrical, Welding and Steel Fabrication and Installation, Excavation, Structural and Architectural Works, Painting and Glass Works.

Juice Booster

Ayala Life-FGU Building

Main Lobby Renovation, Ayala Business Park, Cebu City

Interior Design, Architectural, Civil, Electrical, Tiling/Bricks Installation, Painting, Carpentry and Ceiling Installation Works.

Stoke Burgers

Stoke Burger

Mambaling and V. Rama Cebu City Branches Branches (Cebu City)

Structural, Electrical, Masonry, Civil, Steel Fabrication, Kitchen Equipment Provision and Installation, Plumbing, Signage, Carpentry and Painting Works.

Juice Boost

Juice Boost

Mango Avenue, J-Center Mall, Gaisano Grand Carcar Branches (Cebu City)

Fabrication of Display Counters
Electrical, Signage, Painting, Carpentry and Civil Works
Includes deliveries of display counters

USC Testing Center

USC Testing Center

Down Town Campus (Main), P. del Rosario Street, Cebu City

Carpentry, Glass, Granite installation, Masonry, Tiling, Electrical, Acoustic Ceiling Installation, Cabinets and Shelves Fabrication and Installation, Granite Installation and CR Renovation.

USC NC Playground

USC Playground

North Campus, Mango Avenue Cebu City

Land Development, Design and build of playground amenities, Masonry, Civil, Electrical, Carpentry, Steel and Painting Works.

NC Playing Courts

USC Playing Courts

North Campus, Mango Avenue, Cebu City

Site Development, Fabrication and Installation of Basketball goals, Masonry, Steel Fabrication, School Official Seal drawing and painting, Carpentry, Painting Works (including rubberized painting preparation and application)

Electrical Reconfiguration

Electrical Reconfiguration, Relocation and Power Supply Provision

North Campus, Mango Avenue, Cebu City

Installation and Supply of power for 58 Air Conditioning Units Installation of circuit breaker 500AT, 3P 600V Installation of feeder line 380V-220V 5-wire system from power house to control room located at the back of IP Building.
Cable pulling works
Cable tray restoration works
Excavation of soil
Concreting works

South Transformer Upgrading

Transformer Upgrading (3-500KVA) and Reconfiguration of Emergency Back-up Power System for Lighting & Essential Loads for All Classrooms & Offices)

South Campus, Cebu City

Provision and Installation of MDP/Switch Gear with MTS and PLC Monitoring System : Main: 5000AT, 3P, 85KAIC, 240V, 60HZ
Installation of circuit breaker 500AT, 3P 600V for 5 school buildings
Cable pulling works
Cable tray restoration works
Excavation of soil
Concreting works
Installation of pipes near control room
Chipping Works
Termination Works

USC Dietetics

USC Renovation : Cafeteria, Cooking Lab TBA1 Room & Open Area (Dietetics Dept)

Talamban Campus, Cebu City

Carpentry and Civil Works
Paint Removal and Wood treatment
Wood surface preparation
Automotive painting application
Glass works

USC Museum

USC Museum Painting Restoration

Talamban Campus, Cebu City

Exacavation and Site Development, Mechanical (aircon, centrifugal motor/blower provision and installation), Kitchen ducting and ventilation works, Carpentry, Glass, Civil, Masonry, Ceiling Works, Steel Fabrication, Plumbing and Painting works.


Conversion of Storage Room to Classroom

USC Montessori Academy Campus, Cebu City

Structural and Architectural, Supply and Installation of Glass, Civil, Electrical, Fabrication of Cabinets and Shelves, Roofing, Acoustic Ceiling Installation and Painting Works.

USC Classroom Renovation

Classroom Renovation

USC Talamban, Down Town, South and North Campuses

Civil, Electrical, Mechanical (aircon), Masonry, Plumbing, Steel and Aluminum Works, Comfort Rooms renovation, Supply and installation of Glass, Fabrication of Cabinets and Shelves, Roofing, Acoustic Ceiling Installation and Painting Works.

Vel Pal House

Construction of 3-Storey House

Vel Pal 2, Pakigne, Minglanilla, Cebu

Design and Build, Architectural, Structural, Interior Design, Civil, Masonry, Stainless Steel and Aluminum Supply/Fabrication/Installation, Roofing Installation, Mechanical, Furniture, Electrical, Plumbing and Painting Works.